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Emerging Molecular Therapies for FSHD

— October 26, 2017

Scott Q Harper, PhD reviews work at his lab at Nationwide Children's Hospital.

Layman's Description of FSHD

— October 26, 2017

Leo H Wang, MD PhD provides a layman's description of the clinical features and molecular biology of FSHD.

Kendra Gives Back Party

— October 10, 2017

Enjoy sips, sweets and making your own custom jewelry at the Color Bar. 20% of sales benefit FSHD research.

Tips for Air Travel with a Power Wheelchair

— September 26, 2017

Howard Chabner addresses issues of air travel with a power wheelchair.

BETi Compounds Alter DUX4 Expression

— September 22, 2017

Amy Campbell and Fran Sverdrup have recently published a paper on initial results of a screen for compounds that inhibit DUX4 expression.