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Platform development and candidate drug screening for FSHD: Update

— July 24, 2012

The Miller Lab has made exciting progress in the development of a platform for screening genes and compounds with activities that affect FSHD-specific pathogenic processes.

More MRI Studies

— July 17, 2012

It would appear that the initial MRI study by Seth Friedman, Ph.D. and the subsequent longitudinal study now in progress has spurred interest in using MRI as a diagnostic tool for FSHD.

Work for Cure, Love of Swimming Fuel Rick Colella

— July 16, 2012

RICK Colella is happy to talk about the two world records he set last weekend at the U.S. Masters long course nationals, but the energy in his voice peaks when he starts discussing his role in eradicating a disease that affects a member of his family.

DUX4-Regulated Genes Provide a Roadmap for FSHD Therapies

— July 1, 2012

Modulation of DUX4 Production

— April 25, 2012

Asymmetric Bidirectional Transcription from the FSHD-Causing D4Z4 Array Modulates DUX4 Production