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FSH Muscular Dystrophy Dots

Neurogenetic Testing: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

— December 19, 2016

UW Medicine geneticist and professor, Dr. Thomas Bird, demonstrates how genetic testing is utilized in the practice of neurology, including practical clinical examples.

ENMC Workshop on FSHD Global Registries

— December 1, 2016

Lay report for the ENMC Workshop.

FSHD Animal Model Progress

— November 28, 2016

SAB member Bruce Wentworth provides a brief update from the FSH Society Patient Connect Conference.

FSHD Registry

— November 21, 2016

Dr. Rabi Tawil discusses the National Registry based in Rochester, NY.

Progress Report: DUX4 activity in hESC-derived muscle

— November 14, 2016

Final report of grant to Dr. Uli Schmidt of Genea Biocells.