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aTyr Pharma ongoing Phase 1b/2 Clinical Trials

— October 6, 2016

aTyr Pharma, a company engaged in the discovery and development of therapeutics to address severe rare diseases, is currently conducting two trials of Resolaris (ATYR1940) in patients with rare myopathies with an immune component.

Commonality of Pain in DM & FSHD

— August 26, 2016

258 members of the URMC Registry completed a survey last year. Results indicate that 79% of FSHD patients and 68% of DM patients experience pain.

ENMC Travel Grant

— August 20, 2016

Small but critical grant awarded two key stakeholders in the push for FSHD trial readiness.

#MyotubeMike4FSHD muscle disease awareness campaign

— July 18, 2016

Your hashtags earn money for Friends of FSH Research organization

Smile Always

— July 14, 2016

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