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Myotube Mike at ISSCR

Posted by George Shaw on June 17, 2016

Raising awareness for FSHD at ISSCR 2016

Raising awareness for FSHD at ISSCR 2016

Genea Biocells is introducing Myotube Mike, a crusader for awareness of neuromuscular diseases. They will be at ISSCR from June 22-25, exhibiting in booth 1437, handing out Myotube Mike figurines. For 2016 Genea Biocells is donating to Friends of FSH Research for every picture of Myotube Mike tagged as #MyotubeMike4FSHD on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

I am generally not one to promote companies willy-nilly, and this seemed like a fun way to spread the word about one of the most common forms of muscular dystrophy. And I like their tagline, "Humanly Possible," reminding me that there are real humans there working hard every day to help find a cure.

See also the company's blog on LinkedIn for more MyotubeMike adventures, and a 2015 grant to Uli Schmidt to help validate a new stem cell system.