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Progress in Understanding FSHD Molecular Pathology

Review of a newly published paper from Davide Gabellini's group.
Reprinted with permission from Genea Biocells Newsletter Feb 2017 Dr. Alan Colman - Senior Scientific Advisor, Genea Biocells Facioscapulohumeral dystrophy (FSHD) follows my…

Progress Report: DUX4 activity in hESC-derived muscle

Final report of grant to Dr. Uli Schmidt of Genea Biocells.
See: Investigation of DUX4 activity during development of hESC-derived skeletal muscle This project aimed to develop a screening assay using Dr. Dan Miller’s DUX4-reporter with …

IncuCyte brings live cell imaging to Genea Biocells

The first application for this technology is FSHD disease modelling and drug discovery.
Reprinted from Genea Biocells October Newsletter. The newest member of our team at Genea Biocells has been collecting data 24 hours per day, 7 days per week without complaint! …

#MyotubeMike4FSHD muscle disease awareness campaign

Your hashtags earn money for Friends of FSH Research organization
Originally published in Genea Biocells Newsletter by Amanda Rickard Myotube Mike attracting interest at ISSCR 2016 This year at ISSCR we were joined by the loveable charact…

First stem cell model of muscular dystrophy published

Implications for FSHD and therapeutic developments
Originally published in Genea Biocells Newsletter by Amanda Rickard The Genea Biocells team published the first ever stem cell model of a muscular dystrophy in Stem Cells Trans…

Myotube Mike at ISSCR

Genea Biocells is donating to Friends for every picture of Myotube Mike tagged as #MyotubeMike4FSHD on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Genea Biocells is introducing Myotube Mike, a crusader for awareness of neuromuscular diseases. They will be at ISSCR from June 22-25, exhibiting in booth 1437, handing out Myotub…