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Research Presentation Slides

Slide decks for Dr. Tapscott & Dr. Wang from the 27-Jan presentations.
At the request of many participants of the Wellstone FSHD Patient Day update, which was held from 1-4pm on the day of the Annual Auction, we have obtained copies of some of the pr…

Education grant to Robert Kao

Grant for curriculum development and online resources for education by Robert Kao
A Dose of Student-Generated Proposals for FSHD Research in the Classroom “Does anyone know the answer to his question; anyone, anyone?” By playing the role of an economics inst…

Understanding FSHD2

Just in case FSH muscular dystrophy (FSHD) wasn’t confusing enough, now there’s a lot of talk about FSHD2. Let’s take some time to make sure we’re all on the same page and understand what’s going on.
Just in case FSH muscular dystrophy (FSHD) wasn't confusing enough, now there’s a lot of talk about FSHD2.  FSHD2 represents a small percentage of people with FSHD. There are no o…

University of Waterloo Student Describes FSHD as a Disease of Losses

University of Waterloo senior Schuyler Schmidt researched FSHD for her class, and had never heard about the disease before.
Last month we had the pleasure of interacting with Schuyler Schmidt, a fourth-year kinesiology student at the University of Waterloo Faculty of Applied Health Sciences in Wate…

Life Sciences Research Weekend

Join Friends of FSH Research at the Pacific Science Center where we will be learning about how muscles work!
Pacific Science Center is excited to present three days of live demonstrations, interactive exhibits and talks for school children, families and citizen scientists interested in l…