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Apply for a grant

Thank you for your interest in applying to our organization for research funding. Our 2016 Portland Summit continues to inform us as to likely avenues to pursue and relative priorities (See Summit Summary). Click here to review the RFP. If you are instead interested in a very small grant, refer to our Flex Grant Program. Please note that in most cases our Scientific Advisory Board is unable to provide personalized feedback on individual proposals.

Step 1:

Contact Friends by e-mail ( to discuss the scope of the grant and whether were are able to support the study. This conversation will reduce the need to write a separate letter of intent, and will speed up the grant writing process.

If this is your first time interacting with our organization:

1) We'll ask for your background as well as the background of key personnel in your laboratory. We'll keep this information on file for your future applications, and keep track of your publications.

2) You need to review our contract template and check with your institution that you are able to accept money from us. 

3) You need to be ready to start if you get the grant. Once the grant is accepted, your institute will have two weeks to initiate the contract and progress reports will follow every 6 months.

Step 2:

Review your timing. Our scientific advisory board meets semi-annually to discuss research priorities, project updates, and new proposals. Note that below represents only the typical times, which may vary by one or more months. Please refer to any currently open RFP for specific dates.













  Cycle Cycle
RFP issued late Feb late Aug
Grant deadline mid Mar mid Sep
SAB Meeting late Mar late Sep
Feedback/decisions* early Apr early Oct


* Feedback/decisions means that we will know whether or not we are moving forward with your project or not. This will usually involve additional steps, such as scheduling meetings or submitting addenda to the SAB. It is during this time that we ramp up our due diligence on the submitted project.

Step 3:

Register for our website. In order for a researcher to participate in our RFP process an account must be created (select Register here! on the login page). To prevent spam and other unwanted applications, you will not have access to the research portal until you have been assigned manually by our Scientific Development Director (see step 1).

Once you have access to the research portal, the rest is easy! There are 6 sections you will need in the uploaded document:

  1. Information Page
    Date of application
    Applicant's name
    Email address of applicant
    Title of research project
    Institution where study has been approved to be conducted
    Address to which funds are to be sent
    How funding check is to be addressed
    Number of years and budget/year
  2. Introduction
    Please note that there is no need to go into elaborate description of FSHD, only state what is important to your proposal.
    Recommended 1 page.
  3. Specific aims and deliverables
    A specific aim should represent about a year of work, and a deliverable should represent about 6 months to align with short progress reports.
    Recommended 1 page.
  4. Budget
    Friends does not provide indirect funds. Supplies should be pertinent to the proposed project. Include in the budget a very short description of the capacity of the lab to carry out the work.
    Recommended 1 page.
  5. Research plan
    Include a succinct description of preliminary data and the logic of the project. Describe the experiments to be done in sufficient detail and explain how they relate to milestones and deliverables.
    Recommended 3 pages maximum.
  6. Lay description
    Upon funding, your lay project description will be used online to describe the work.

If you feel there is additional material needed, feel free to append this after the required sections, including references, biosketch, etc.